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Department of Afan Oromo In MA

Rationale of the Program

The Afan Oromo MA program should address the societies’ linguistic problems. Among the problems of Afan Oromo at the moment is lack Afan Oromo teachers in universities, colleges, preparatory schools and high schools and also its sociolinguistic and language education aspects. The syllabus includes courses which accommodate applied linguistics and teaching issues. In the region where Afan Oromo is the language of education, official language, given as subject in schools, colleges and universities language standardization, planning and policies are the existing problems that the region is facing. The application of Afan Oromo as official language and medium of instruction needs expertise’s help at the moment. The language should cope with technological, societal, economic, political and developmental innovations and dynamics across the nation and the globe. This is basically fulfilled by educated human power.

In accordance with Arsi University’s missions solving the societal problem, this program will address the language related problems of the Oromo society in particular, the nation in general. The writing problems across the bureaus, offices, institutions, organizations and different sectors need qualified manpower that can handle them accordingly. After literacy in Afan Oromo, preparing reading materials for the generation (the so called ‘qube’ generation) is lagging behind. The scarcity of reading material could be solved via high level professionals in Afan Oromo field. Educational institutions the likes of universities should lead such kinds of campaign.

Human Resource (Staff profile)


R.No. Instructor’s Name Specialization Qualification
1 Ejarra Batu Applied           Linguistics            & Development PhD (Assistant Professor)
2 Silashi Berhanu

Applied Linguistics (Afan


PhD (Assistant Professor)
3 Mamo Mengesha Literature PhD Candidate
4 Wako Geda Business Administration/ English MBA/MA (PhD candidate)
5 Ashenafi Terefe Social Anthropology MA
6 Mesfin Olika Social Anthropology MA
7 Getnet Fula’a Afan Oromo MA
8 Dejene Gelata Afan Oromo MA
9 Abdulqadir Aman Afan Oromo MA
10 Taye   Tsegaye Afan Oromo/English MA
12 Yazew Kebebew Afan Oromo MA

Courses will be offered by assistant professor of the department however, because of the multidisciplinary nature of the program, the Department may invite professionals from local and foreign universities when deemed necessary.

Degree Nomenclature

The degree awarded to a qualified candidate or graduate will bear the appellation:

Digrii Maastarii “Afaan Oromoofi Og-baruu” in Afan Oromo, and “Master of Arts

Degree in ‘Afan Oromo and Literature” in English.

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