Department of Sociology In MA

Background, Process and Rationale of MSW Program

Department of Sociology and Social Work has been offering undergraduate degree program in sociology and social work since 2007 under the umbrella of Adama Science and Technology University until 2014 and under Arsi University from 2014 onwards. The department developed its MSW(Master degree in social work) curriculum in June 2012 and launched the program in September 2013. So far the department has graduated many students in undergraduate program and the first batch of MSW program graduated in year 2015. Currently both first year and second year students (only in Adama) of MSW are attending their education in Adama, Asella and Batu centers. The department prior developing the MSW curriculum has conducted rapid need assessment in Addis Ababa, Bishoftu and Adama Towns. The need assessment covered 16 governmental and nongovernmental organizations that are running activities of social service both at micro and macro level. While undertaking the assessment, assessors understood that as yet social work profession is not well visible in the country playing roles expected from it. This is partly because of the fact that the profession has largely been neglected in Ethiopia as evidenced by the fact that it has not been instituted in almost all higher learning institutions at Masters level except in Addis Ababa University. Positions that require social work professionals in non-governments and governmental organizations were found to be filled by other professionals that did not receive appropriate training in the professional practice. The result of the assessment necessitated launching of generalist MSW program which should focus on preparing professional social workers to manage individual level, family or group level and community based services for the socially vulnerable groups of the society. The result of the assessment also indicated the demand for trained man power in the area of macro social work practice including research on social work practice, the development of policy and programs in organizational, community, and governmental areas, as well as the development of leadership and administrative skills. Seemore

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