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My fellow Ethiopians, on the behalf of the college of social sciences and humanities and myself, it gives me pleasure and honor to convey our deepest sympathy to you all for your role and shrewd thinking for the establishment of Arsi University and simultaneously, Social Sciences and Humanities College at Bekoji town.

Today despite the fact that we have abundant natural and human resources, we are the least developed country that its people suffer from the savage of prolonged poverty and recurrent drought. Consistently for decades more than fifty percent of its population is below poverty line and significant amount of it is relief dependent.seemore

The prolongation of relief supply effect left on the population of dependency mentality, which hampered the work value of our community, this is to be faced by literate entity produced by higher educational institutions in near future.

To resolutely combat this situation, our government set a norm of policy intervention to technically and technologically capacitate its human resource via setting 34 universities that would produce thousands of graduates for its second growth and transformation plan of five years. So far this coasted the government over billions birr from national treasury. This immense expenditure indicates the commitment the government gave to the issue of reversing the age long calamites to the pleasant day.

Arsi University is one of the 34 universities in Ethiopia, established in September 2014. Like any higher education institution, ArsU has set itself core responsibilities, with a focus on regionally and nationally relevant teaching-learning programs, problem-solving research projects, and community-based services.

As part of Arsi University, College of Social Sciences and Humanities is playing its role in accomplishing the university’s vision, which aspires to be among the leading East African universities and one of the recognized universities in the world in producing competent professionals by 2025 E.C. The purpose of the college is: to generate competent graduates in the fields of Social Science and Humanities; to produce research outputs that solve problems related to teaching-learning activities, cultures, languages, legal services and soon; and to serve the community, in need of professionals of Social Science and Humanities through practical teaching, innovation and outreach services to the sustainable development of the country.

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