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Since its opening, the academic staffs of this young college have been conducting different research and community service projects.

2007 and 2008 ongoing Research Projects Progress Report


No Title of the project Initiators ProjectYear Budget utilized Present status Remark
1 Social Capital of Arsi Community in Adapting and Mitigating Climate Change Bisrat Tekle & Biruk Befikadu 2008 29852birr Analysis  
2 The status of Corporate Social Responsibility   in Ethiopia: the case of selected town of east Shewa zone

Gobezayehu Baye&

Almeseged Debele

2007 48772 birr Analysis  
3 Assessment of non-English language instructors perception towards English language courses: the case of Arsi University   instructors

Mesfin Admasu

&Diriba Eticha

2007 49946 birr Analysis  

An Assessment of level and Determinants of sexual Harassment in ASTU

Alemu Shiferaw& Mohammed Kedir

2007 48860 birr completed Reported
5 Assessment of 2011 Urban Land Lease Policy Implementation: The case of Adama & Asella Towns Sime Y& Wendimu T 2008 36816 birr Writing the result  
6 The Role of ATEETE as Oromo Women, Ritual festivity in perpetuating cultural, Religious and political values: Arsi zone oromo in focus Dr. Ejara Batu 2007 49980 birr completed Reported
7 Functional analysis of Oromo oral literature: proverbs of the Arsi Oromo in Focus

Abdulkadir& Derjene Geleta

Msfen Olika

2008 20420 birr Data analysis  
8 The Role of Language and Culture on Tourism: on Bale Zone Tesfaye Abera 2007 48716 birr Writing the last chapter  
9 The making of cultural relativism in Ethiopian History Meseret Bekele 2007 48566 birr analysis  
10 A Discourse Analysis on ‘Waa Sadii’, the Analogical Method of Witty Speech: Arsi Oromo in FOcus Mohammed Nemo & Ashenafi Terefe 2008 31736 birr Completed Reported
11 Social Safety Net& the Rural poor. Amare Bayissa 2008 11116 birr Data Collection Only Half budget utilized
12 Begging as a way of Life in selected Towns of Oromia

Solomon T&


2008 13820 birr  

Only Half Budget


13 The Assessment of Spatial variation of Gender inequality at the Central cluster of Ethiopian Universities Rediat Tsegaye 2008 29148birr Data collection completed  


Research and Community Service Projects approved for 2016/17(2009)

    1. 1.Research projects Approved for 2016/17(2009)
Title Initiators Department Approved Budget Remark
The Extent of English Language Use in Preparatory School Classes in Arsi Zone

Seid Hassen(PI)

Gobena Hasso(CO-I)

English 41300  
Philosophy, Current status and Future Prospects of ‘SINQEE’ AND ‘QANAFAA’: Arsi Oromo in Focus

Ashenafi Terrefe(PI)

Birhanu Beyene

A/Oromo 64,565.00  
Interactional Dynamics of Gumaa as Oromo’s Exclusive Indigenous Institution of Conflict Resolution : The case of Selected
Arsi Zone Woredas

Dr. Ejara Batu (PI)

A/Jebar Abdulahi


Causes and Consequences of Informal Settlement in Arsi Zone Towns:

Mohammed Kedir(PI)

Suleman Gemmechu

Civics 62,434.00  
The Perception of School Communities towards the contribution of civics and Ethical Education

Alemu Shiferaw(PI)

Bantayehu Shiferaw

Civics 43579.00  
Community Perception About Gender Role and Equality in Arsi Zone

Aleme Ashine (PI)

S/r Marta Asefa

Dr. Wesen Aragaw

Sociology & Social work 49998.00  
The Status and Challenges of Good Governance in Arsi Zone: The case of Asella Town

Andenet Belete(PI)

Defar Bekele (CO-I)

Civics 18,464.00  
Assessment on the causes, Magnitude and Consequences of Human Trafficking in Arsi Zone

Hussen Seid

Kassu Zeleke

Uthman Hassen

Sociology & Social Work 33,298  
An assessment on the effectiveness of capacity Building Practices for Local Government: the case of Asella Town Administration and Robe Woreda of Oromia Regional state

Gosa Setu

Dr Mengistu Zelalem

Civics 47522  
Total Approved Budget for Research     443531.00  


2. Community Service Projects approved for 2016/17(2009)


N.o Title of The Project Initiators Dept Approved Budget  
1 Training of Correct Afan Oromo Lexis writing   for Teachers Employing the language at Lemmu& Bilbilo Woreda

Dejene Geleta

Dr. Seleshi Birhanu

Abdulkadir Aman

Taye Tsegye

Afan Oromo 96208  


Training Of Trainers On Life Skills and

Peace Education and Peace Building Projects

Solomon Tefera

Dr. Joseph Anthony

Hussien Seid

Uthman Hassen

Sime Yehualashet

Gosa Setu

Gobeayehu Baye

Shimelin Keno

Sociology &Social Work


  Total Approved Budget for CS 356293  

Summary of ongoing and completed Research and Community Service Projects


Year Research Community Service Completed Remark
Research Community S  
2007 8 1 3 1  
2008 7 2 2 2  
2009 9 2 - -  
Total 24 5 5 3  

News and upcoming Events

College of Social Sciences and Humanities is undertaking Research and Community Service Thematic Area revision in 29 Woredas of Arsi West Arsi and East Shewa Zones and Woredas

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