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Background Of The College

Currently Arsi University holds five colleges; College of Social Sciences and Humanities; College of Business and Economics, College of Educational Management and Behavioral Sciences; College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences; and College of Health Sciences. In addition, the university has one school, School of Law, one Sport Academy and three institutes namely: Institute of Tropical Medicine, Institute of Animal Biotechnology, and Institute of Continuing and Distance Education.

The then Bekoji Agricultural Training center and Today’s Social Science and Humanities College of Arsi University was established in October 1971 E.C. on a total area of 15 hectors. The feature of its training was at the beginning from one month to a year in various agricultural techniques paying particular attention on distinct home economics agents. Until it grew up to college status in 1994 E.C., the training institution had given especial help to the peasants and pastoralists to let them use the recent science and technology so as to play their at most role in the effort of strengthening agricultural economy. In 1994 E.C. the institution was re-established as one of the 25 ATVET colleges, which was intended for training middle level home science experts. From 1995-2000 E.C. the college has continued training in animal science, plant science and natural resource departments. Then for the next three consecutive years, 2001-2003 E.C., the college terminated its training programs and the following year it was a center for middle level governmental leaders training. The college was under the administration of Ormoia regional TVET commission until it was taken by the Arsi University in September 2014 E.C. The resources in the college and the demand of the surrounding community to promote the ATVET College to a university level had contributed a lot for the establishment of the Current SSH College of Arsi University at Bekoji.

College of SSH is located in the Bekoji town which is under the Arsi Zone administration. The town is 231 kilometers from the capital, Addis Ababa and 55 kilometers from Asela town with an altitude of 2750 meters above sea levels. Currently the college has reached above 68 hectors and a promise has been also given as to additional and to the college from the town administrators in the future. As a part of Arsi University, the college runs six departments. These include: department of Afan Oromo, department of English, department of Psychology, department of Sociology and Social Work, department of Geography, and department of Civics and History. Currently, it accommodates 1988 regular, 115 extension and 438 summer undergraduate and 180 summer and 387 regular postgraduate students with 365 staff (120 academic and 245 supportive).

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