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Teaching-Learning Activities

College of Social Sciences and Humanities is one of the colleges in Arsi University that had been served as Bekoj Agriculural College under Oromia Agricultural Bureau to train development agents in different agriculture fields. In 2007 E.C. College of Social Sciences and Humanities of Adama Science and Technology University transferred to Arsi University and in turn became one of the founding colleges of Arsi University; established in the previous campus of Bekoj Agricultural College.  

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities dedicated to produce high professionals at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It committed to producing graduates who can respond to both local and global demands. This is to be accomplished through rigorous academic undertakings, combining research, and training in the regular, evening, summer-in-service and distance programmes in line with the University’s education philosophy and policy. We are also committed to forging close partnerships with local and international partners who share our aspirations.

Some of the discipline of the college focuses on the ways in which people live together under various social and cultural conditions and exploring the multifaceted dimensions of human societies, human behavior, social interactions and institutional structures in all their diversity. The study of societal development; the cultural, technological, economic and societal transformations that trace the evolution of human societies and civilizations and the emergence of contemporary peoples, social organizations, institutions, states, economies and cultures.

Teaching- learning environment of the college governed by the principle of freedom of expression based on reason and rational discourse. The college is dedicated to providing quality education and to continually improve the relevance and quality of education to meet the development needs of the society. The college is contribute for the advancement of knowledge through realistic and contextual research based education, reliable and relevant published research, innovation, and technology transfer to contribute to the economic growth and welfare of the society. The college is aimed to provide education that fully develops the personality and strengthens the respect for human dignity, on the basis of mutual respect, trust, mutual understanding and tolerance, and free from ethnic, nationality, gender, religious or other prejudices. It is also offering different fields that will help in solving societies' problems and disseminate fruitful results thereof; to provide professional service at regional and national level with a view to accelerating social and economic developments.

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