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In order to exploit its tourism potential, the country needs to have skilled manpower in the field. If the tourism industry is geared and developed properly, it can serve as a supplementary (alternative) economic sector besides agriculture and other industries. By understanding tourism’s contribution and considering the country’s demand of getting well equipped with knowledge, attitude and skills Professionals in tourism, Arsi University has BA degree program in Tourism Management.

Admision Requirements

  • Admission to all regular degree programs is based on the national admissions requirements set by the ministry of Education

Duration of the study

  • For students in the regular degree program the duration is Three years.
  • For students in the extension degree program duration is four years

Department Contact Information
Inquiries can be coursed through the following:

Tourism Development Department Office Telephone: +251 (0)912 49 59 59

Tourism Development Department’s Head Telephone: +251 (0)912 49 59 59

Department’s Official Email Address: tourismdevt_CoBE@Arsiun.edu.et

Collage of Business & Economics Telephone: +251 +022-110-400

P.O. Box 1888; Assela, Ethiopia

For a country like Ethiopia, which is endowed with variety of natural and manmade tourist attractions, tourism paves the road for the development of infrastructure which in turn is a pedestal for the maturity of the whole economy as it gives a hand for the expansion of other sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, trade, transportation and others due to tourism’s multidisciplinary nature. However, tourism, a very fast growing economic sector elsewhere in the world, has not yet been developed in Ethiopia and the country is not benefiting from it to the extent it deserves. Our country, Ethiopia, is well-off in potential tourism resources but not much benefited from the sector. Read More

The general objective of the program is to produce qualified manpower that can effectively contribute for the development of the tourism industry in Ethiopia by making use of the vast potential of the country in the sector.

BA degree in Tourism Management is a six-semester undergraduate program. The curricu­lum and scheme of this program has been specially designed to meet the ever increasing trained man­power needs in tourism industry. It is a congruous blend of theory and practice, broadening the conceptual and analytical skills of the students. Read More

Academic staff profile of College of Business and Economics, Department of Tourism Management. Read More

Graduates of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Tourism Management will get detailed knowledge and skills in the area of Tourism Management. Generally, the Tourism Management degree program provides students with the opportunity to pursue career in Hospitality & Tourism industry. Read More

The most possible professional profile includes

  • Managers-after acquiring the sound tourism knowledge, graduates of BA Degree in Tourism Management can work in the industry (both at the public and private sectors) in various managerial positions.
  • Development planners and implementers
  • Trainers and consultants
  • Researchers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Tour guides
  • Event organizers and managers
  • Customer service officers and Hotel operators.

Learning & Teaching

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Research Undertakings

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