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BIS at Adama Science & Technology University is a BSc degree program that focuses on the technical, management and organizational dimensions of information systems. The courses are designed to provide a balanced mix of lectures, case discussions, lab works and problem solving activities. Students are expected to gain experience in the state-of-the art systems analysis, design, development tools and technologies, and use these tools and technologies to solve real organizational problems.
Basic Attributes Required in the Field of BIS:
  • Intersest of worjing with computer systems (Hardware & Software)
  • Knowledge of business and organizations:
  • Good interpersonal relations and communication skills
  • Breadth of knowledge and analytical mind

Admision Requirements

  • Admission to all regular degree programs is based on the national admissions requirements set by the ministry of Education
Duration of the study
  • For students in the regular degree program the duration is Three years.
  • For students in the extension degree program duration is four years

Department Contact Information

Inquiries can be coursed through the following:

MIS Department Office Telephone: +251 (0)912 49 59 59

MIS Department’s Head Telephone: +251 (0)912 49 59 59

Department’s Official Email Address: mis_CoBE@Arsiun.edu.et

Collage of Business & Economics Telephone: +251 +022-110-400

P.O. Box 1888; Assela, Ethiopia

Information systems are essential to the operations and management of businesses today. To become effective business professionals, students must be educated in information systems and technology, and in the integration of information systems into business activities. A student’s understanding of business is limited without an understanding of information systems. But how can a student understand information systems without first understanding business? Read More

The BIS program is designed to prepare students to become leaders using information systems for the benefit of business organizations and society. This program of study focuses on educating the students about the development and use of information systems as decision-making and problem-solving tools as it relates to the rudimentary and advanced activities of a business. The program also is intended to develop an understanding of business management issues encountered in the operation or Introduction of information systems in organizations, particularly, how these tools can be used to gain a competitive edge and to re-engineer an organization. This program will produce capable graduates who can perform adequately in real life situations and will promote knowledge in the field of BIS through research. Read More

The primary objective of the programme is to produce a high quality graduates with the necessary professional and technical skills in the field of Business Information Systems (BIS). Read More

Academic staff profile of College of Business and Economics, Department of Management information System. Read More

Upon successful completion and granting of a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems (B.S. in BIS) degree, students are expected to possess:

  • A working competency skill in both business management and information technology
  • A better understanding of the relationship of information technology and business; how information technology helps in the proper planning, management and promotion of a successful business
  • A business-oriented knowledge which includes business process assessment according to economic aspects and decision making techniques
  • A well-founded aptitude with regard to the layout, application and maintenance of information systems.
  • A sound methodological competency in core subjects of information technology which include general programming and training in common application systems Read More

The department of BIS under the School of Business in Adama Science & Technology University has been using more than 10 computer laboratories, fully equipped with latest computers and related technologies. The computer labs are designed and configured to help students attend practical sessions and develop their technical skills in developing computer-based information system. Our students are provided with state-of-the-art system development software tools such as:

  • Net Technologies
  • Multimedia Tools (Photoshop, Flash, etc)
  • DBMS Tools (SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, etc)
  • Web-Page Development Tools (ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, etc)
  • Read More

Learning & Teaching

We provide support, advice and guidance to staff to ensure delivery of high quality learning and teaching.Read More

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Arsi University has a longstanding commitement and tradition of undertaking research. Read More

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