Departements & Available Programs

In our collage we have 8 departments having various programs given in each department. Two generic programs are available in our collage i.e. Undergraduate & Post Graduate. The College has three departments that provides both under graduate and post graduate programs (Management, Accounting and Finance, and Economics) and five departments, which provide study programs at bachelor level only (Management Information System, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, Tourism Development, And International Trade and Investment Management). Besides the regular program, the college has been providing extension and week-end program at five satellite campuses (i.e. Bate, Adam, Baoji, Bishoftu and Nifas silk).

Available Departments

There are eight depratements vailable in our collage. You can see from the "Available Departements" Tabs down below to view the list of available departements in the collage.

Available Programs

In general, our collage we provide programs both at degree/Undergraduate Level & Masters/postgraduate level. You can see from the "Available Programs' Tabs down below to view the list of programs provided by each department

Regular Programs

In our regular program session, we provide all the listed available programs in our Main Campus at Assela, Collage of Business & Economics Campus.

Extension, Night Programs

For Extension programs at night session we provide all the listed degree level pragmas at Nifas silk Satellite campus & Assela, CoBE campus. For the time being we don’t have any masters level program at at night in any of our campuses.

Extension, Weekend Programs

We provide classes at weekend at Degree level at different campuses i.e. Assela campus at Arsi university Main Campus, Adama Satellite campus at Adama Science & Technology University Campus, Bishoftu Satellite campus at Bishoftu TVET campus, Nifas silk Satellite campus at Addis Abeba, Nifas silk TVET campus, Bekoji Satellite campus at Arsi university Collage of Humanity & Social Science, Bekoji Campus and Bati Satellite campus,………….Campus. Currently Masters level class given only at Adama Satellite campus at Adama Science & Technology University Campus only. You can see from the "Extension, Weekend programs Tabs' down below to view the list of programs provided by each department

Learning & Teaching

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Research Undertakings

The Collage has a longstanding commitement and tradition of undertaking research. Read More

Staff Profile

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Business Information system


Economics Development

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Tourism Development

International Trade & Investement Management

Accounting & Finance

Marketing Management