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Welcome to the College of Business and Economics at the University of Arsi. The College stands at the heart of one of Ethiopia’s universities, offering undergraduate and graduate education to prepare students for rewarding careers and positions of leadership in our world. This is a place of outstanding faculty, cutting-edge research, a global perspective, and a commitment to preparing graduates and placing them in dynamic careers.
It has become commonplace to read that today’s world is rapidly changing and the business leader of tomorrow must be adaptable to that change. That’s not really news - business has always demanded change. What is new is that business and economics Colleges recognize that, more than ever, it is critical that they prepare graduates to understand and adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing, global marketplace.
The dynamic economy of the 21st century presents a wide array of challenges and opportunities for today's business professionals. Successful leaders must have an in-depth understanding of best business practices complemented by an awareness of cultures, new technologies, and global economies.
College of Business and Economics at Arsi University offers a broad range of excellent business programs enhanced by a multi-cultural learning environment that promotes real world experiences through research projects, internships and study abroad opportunities. Our students develop the skills of communication, reasoning, and analysis necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing technological and global environment. The members of the college are passionate educators that combine their love of teaching with a passion for research and their quest to reveal the unknown.

The college will help you reach your full potential by receiving an education that is based on the principles of critical thinking, effective communication, and the analysis and understanding of data. Your experience with the College will prepare you to assume your leadership role in Businesses.

Nuru Mohammed, CoBE Dean

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