About the Collage of Business & Economics

The history of College of Business and Economics is dated back more than a decade when the former Adama University was established. Under Adama Univeersity (i.e 1995 E.C), the college was operating with only two Degree Business Education Programs; namely Accounting and Business Management. In 1996.E.C, it became a faculty and named as “Faculty of Business Education” by adding new departments, namely marketing and Sales, Purchasing, Banking and Insurance Departments. Later on in 1998 E.C, another department (Economics) was added and the name of the college was changed once again and called “Faculty of Business & Economics”.

In 2000 E.C, the College has been restructured and got another name “School of Business Administration, Management and Trade” including departments namely Business Administration and Accounting, Marketing Management, Logistic and Supply Chain Management, Tourism Development, Economics and Business information System (BIS). Having the same departments in 2003 E.C the name of the college was changed to “School of Business and Economics”.

Latter on when the government decided to make Adama University and Addis Ababa science and technology university to emphasis on science and technology, all schools other than School of engineering and Natural science (i.e School of Business and Economics, School of health, School of Agriculture and environmental science and School of humanities and law) are Moved out and form the current Arsi university in 2007 E.c and approved by ministers of councils with proclamation number 803/205

The college is the one which form Arsi University by being together with other colleges. Following the inauguration of Arsi University its name is changed from “School of business and Economics” to “College of Business and Economics” for the last time. College of Business and Economics has been equipping students with knowledge that enable them how to plan, use resources, organize processes, motivate and lead employees as well as control and improve business performance in their respective departments.

Despite its young age, the college has rich staff members in experience and knowledge, host huge number of students at Regular and irregular programs and produce competent professionals in its various academic programs that have been bolstered rapidly in scale and scope. currently, College of Business and Economics has three departments that provides both under graduate and post graduate programs (Management, Accounting and Finance, and Economics) and five departments, which provide study programs at bachelor level only (Management Information System, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, Tourism Development, And International Trade and Investment Management).

Welcome to the College of Business and Economics at the University of Arsi. The College stands at the heart of one of Ethiopia’s universities, offering undergraduate and graduate education to prepare students for rewarding careers and positions of leadership in our world. This is a place of outstanding faculty, cutting-edge research, a global perspective, and a commitment to preparing graduates and placing them in dynamic careers. Read More

Here is the list of the programs provided in the collage

Degree level programs

Degree or Under Graduate Level at both Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) & Bachelor of art (B.A)

Masters level programs

Masters or Post Graduate Level at both Masters of Science (M.Sc.) & Masters of art (M.A)

Learning & Teaching

We provide support, advice and guidance to staff to ensure delivery of high quality learning and teaching.Read More

Research Undertakings

The Collage has a longstanding commitement and tradition of undertaking research. Read More

Staff Profile

Our Collage is has a diversified staffs in different acadamic areas Read More


The collage has a lot of achievements which you can read more here Read more


Business Information system


Economics Development

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Tourism Development

International Trade & Investement Management

Accounting & Finance

Marketing Management